Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Glasgow proved to be a welcome respite from the ugly Scottish weather and brought amazing food, a spot called Ox and Finch proffered a tasty lunch the likes of Girl & the Goat, and gave us a nice sense of Scottish city life.  The shopping on the main strip rivaled our own Mag Mile and I narrowly avoided the purchase of a fabulous new Ted Baker wool coat; RyanAir’s baggage fee threatening my happiness again… Continue reading

Hi and Bye to the Highlands

We awoke Monday morning ready to set off on our biggest adventure to date: a journey to the Scottish Highlands that would end with my first hostel experience at “Chase the Wild Goose Hostel” in Fort William. As much as I was eager to see what it was like to sleep in a large bunk room among 12 strangers (or what I’m affectionately calling ‘camping’), I was more looking forward to seeing the rolling countryside and beautiful views promised by our guide book.  Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest peak and Loch Ness were two attractions summoning us, but to ruin the ending of yet another dramatic tale, we never got to see them. Continue reading

Great Scot(t)!

IMG_3424Bright and early Saturday morning, we met Andrew at King’s Cross Station to catch our first class train (oh you fancy, huh?) north to Scotland. After Andrew and I took our much-anticipated photo opp at Platform 9 3/4 (Dan just doesn’t get it…), we boarded and enjoyed a full breakfast, wifi, and the chance to take in the beautiful English countryside en route to Edinburgh. Continue reading

An American Gent’s Review of Hustling and Afternoon Tea

We’re only four days on the road and my lovely wife is already feeling under the weather (with no help from the British clime: cold and wet). It’s true, she’s been able to write rather entertaining prose with only half her energy intact. Watch out all you content creators when she has full steam! The fault of her exhaustion though lay squarely on our shoulders. We’ve done the very thing we said we wanted to get away from on this short respite from everyday life: hustling and bustling. Continue reading

Rainy Day British Blues…

Some days just don’t go your way. Today would be one of those days, but it gives you a chance to practice those patience skills. Mine need work; we all know Dan’s a saint.

So here’s the story…

After a relaxing morning, we hoped to check out a noon CrossFit class before making our way to oggle dem Crown Jewels. We found a gym that didn’t seem too far and in the general direction of our final goal (so we thought), but upon arrival, we realized 1) we might be in the ghetto….or it could be just an area similar to the dumpy part of Lakeview and 2) we forgot our converter for the hairdryer. Not allowing my (ahem, our) vain hair care needs get in the way of my (ahem, our) desire to keep things tight, we carried on. Continue reading

Hello London!

We arrived in London at 7:00 this morning on very little sleep, but with lots of excitement for the beginning of our adventure. We narrowly got into and out of North Carolina for our connection to Heathrow due to bad weather; I think they may only have one plow at that whole airport! After dashing through the Charlotte airport, we boarded our scarcely-filled plane and appreciated our luck and ability to spread out. Unfortunately, the stewardess declined my offer to keep the captain company up front. 😞
Thanks for the prayers for traveling mercies!

Upon landing in the UK, we made our way through customs and boarded the Piccadilly underground train line headed towards central London and observed the full tube of British commuters heading in to work. A few observations coming from our daily routine on the Chicago el: Brits are QUIET…literally you could hear a pin drop in the car, nobody drinks coffee (how do these people survive?!) and everyone is opting to get their news from an actual newspaper as opposed to the Facebook newsfeeds most Chicagoans would be caught flipping through on their ride. Continue reading

How To Pack for 3 Months in a Carry-On Size Bag

Packing for 3 months in a carry-on size backpack is a HUGE undertaking!  Especially as a girl. And especially if you want to look halfway decent in your future blog posts! So it’s no surprise that this has been my biggest focus as we prepare to leave.

I have researched packing lists from other travelers that have done extended trips to Europe during the same time of year, and while they certainly have been helpful, I feel most of them lacked any commitment to style and also left a bit to be desired in functionality.  So I have chosen to take the advice that I liked from a number of contributors, have found some solutions of my own, and am crossing my fingers that I have made the right clothing choices.  I will let you know in a couple weeks how it all pans out! Continue reading

Choosing a Travel Bag

Choosing a travel bag was easily the biggest decision I’ve made so far with regards to going on this trip (besides oh you know, quitting my job…).  A classic over-packer, I actually
brought a different swimsuit for every day of our 12 day honeymoon!  So you can understand the dilemma I was in when trying to figure out how to put my entire life into one single bag for over 12 weeks!  Home_Alone_Boy1 felt a little like this… Continue reading