Choosing a Travel Bag

Choosing a travel bag was easily the biggest decision I’ve made so far with regards to going on this trip (besides oh you know, quitting my job…).  A classic over-packer, I actually
brought a different swimsuit for every day of our 12 day honeymoon!  So you can understand the dilemma I was in when trying to figure out how to put my entire life into one single bag for over 12 weeks!  Home_Alone_Boy1 felt a little like this…

ever, after a lot of research, I landed on the Osprey 55L Travel Backpack. Actually, Dan found it, but I quickly jumped on board.1882941-2-4x

Since we’re going to Europe, everyone told me to avoid a rolling suitcase on the ancient cobblestone streets.  So backpack it was! At least it’s this pretty blue…

The nice thing about this bag is that it has a removable 15L daypack that I can carry around when seeing the sites and provides easy access to personal belongings while on planes, trains, etc.1882941-p-MULTIVIEW

However, it still has the advantage of passing as a carry-on bag under the infamously strict Ryanair guidelines if I somehow manage to wedge the daypack inside the main bag and get it all to weigh less than 22lbs.  Being this family’s ultimate cheapskate, I would like to avoid the €40 penalty for a checked bag; even if it means I have to waddle on board wearing all my clothes at once. Good thing most of them are equipped with sweat-wicking technology!  I’ll be sure to post a picture when I make this attempt on our first Ryanair flight from Glasgow to Belfast!

More later on what I packed and how I got it all to fit!

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