About Alyssa

10733779_846561297680_4325728139778939742_oWhen we started dating in 2012, Dan and I quickly realized we both love a good story.  So when the dust settled after planning our dream-come-true wedding, we decided it was time to shake things up in a BIG way!

You see, for the last 8 years, I’ve been trying to figure out this whole adulthood thing. Until recently, I was a slave to a job I hated, was addicted to the security of my salary, and would get uncomfortable when I had too much free time. Too top it all off, I had completely quieted my own dreams with my hurried fulfillment of other peoples’ expectations. Sound familiar?

Well after one too many Sunday night cry sessions as another Monday morning neared, with the steadfast encouragement of my husband, and a peace that could have only come from the Lord, I traded in my nine-to-five for a one-way ticket to London with plans to travel Europe for over three months! In a matter of a simple phone call to my boss and a couple clicks on Expedia, I had left my sales career to follow my new husband, a self-employed financial trader, into the great unknown of backpacking. Call me crazy!

For 14 weeks through 18 countries, Dan and I took an intentional TIME OUT from life and it turned into our Best. Decision. Ever.

After what can only be described as a trip of a lifetime, albeit chock-full of plenty of terror when faced with the big question of what comes next, I have returned to U.S. soil and to myself. I have decided to pursue my passions over my paycheck and am in a season of focusing on the things that bring me to life: my faith, good people, and my love for bringing the two together.

ALYSSA_004So in my new spirit of bravery, I have decided to follow my greatest dream and finally call myself a WRITER! This blog is dedicated to putting words on paper and helping bring that dream to life. And I’m trying to not freak out about it…

What I need from you? Tell me if I’m not being honest enough. Challenge me with your questions. And always, always, always, go after your dream. Because although I just turned thirty, as my bikini waxer just told me, you’re never too old for your dreams.