Hello London!

We arrived in London at 7:00 this morning on very little sleep, but with lots of excitement for the beginning of our adventure. We narrowly got into and out of North Carolina for our connection to Heathrow due to bad weather; I think they may only have one plow at that whole airport! After dashing through the Charlotte airport, we boarded our scarcely-filled plane and appreciated our luck and ability to spread out. Unfortunately, the stewardess declined my offer to keep the captain company up front. 😞
Thanks for the prayers for traveling mercies!

Upon landing in the UK, we made our way through customs and boarded the Piccadilly underground train line headed towards central London and observed the full tube of British commuters heading in to work. A few observations coming from our daily routine on the Chicago el: Brits are QUIET…literally you could hear a pin drop in the car, nobody drinks coffee (how do these people survive?!) and everyone is opting to get their news from an actual newspaper as opposed to the Facebook newsfeeds most Chicagoans would be caught flipping through on their ride.

As self-titled CNO (chief negotiations officer) of this trip, I was able to get us in to our tiny, yet functional hotel room 5 hours early so we could squeeze in a nap before meeting our friend, Andrew (Dan’s best man who is here for a work exchange for two years), for lunch in Picaddily Circus. It must be because the kind receptionist thought my accent was just “brilliant”!


Before heading out to explore, we are taking advantage of the free wifi at Andrew’s office and I am sipping on my first “flat white”. Delicious!

So far London seems to be a lot like our Chicago city life, but with a wonderful blend of a new culture. I can’t get over the accents and am not-so-secretly hoping I have it mastered before we leave; I am already practicing!

Tomorrow we will be committed to seeing the sites, but today our goal is to stay awake long enough to find a decent basket of fish and chips before getting a good night’s sleep! Until then…cheerio!

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