IMG_2614Let’s just say there is NOTHING to complain about when you’re in the Greek islands!  Even though our luggage appeared to be gone for good, the sunshine, amazing Greek food, and a quick stop by Zara for some island clothing essentials, made me forget that I was missing my favorite creature comforts; even if that meant I wore the same thing to dinner every night!  Thank God for an in-unit washer at our apartment rental!

After a quick stop through Athens, we boarded an early morning ferry bound for Mykonos with a lot of other travelers who were ready to have some fun in the sun.  We scored some airplane-like seats for the 5 1/2 hour ride and enjoyed seeing other islands along the way.  Dan may or may not have been on deck to watch them “park” the boat at every stop…haha!

Mykonos is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and its reputation as a party island.  Outfitted with numerous beachfront dance clubs, it’s packed with partygoers in the summer months and has been likened to the beach version of Vegas (one of my least favorite American cities for the record). That said, we decided on the location due to the affordable travel options and accommodations.  Plus, we were going early enough in the season to miss the masses, but still get the warm weather! Check and check! (We figured we would save a romantic stop like Santorini for a time in life where we aren’t on such a strict budget…cough, ANNIVERSARY, cough!)

IMG_2670 IMG_2631 IMG_2648IMG_2679

This was the perfect (almost) ending for our trip.  We stayed in Ornos (a beautiful beachfront location I would highly recommend to future travelers!) and enjoyed a two-level Airbnb unit in a complex with a private pool.  This area had less wind, fewer party people, and awesome restaurants; three key ingredients for a thirty-something married couple’s vacation!  We had gyros literally every day and even bumped into a 70 year-old couple at dinner every night…I’d say the geriatric beach visit trend continues for us DeRoses…#noshame

IMG_2684Not wanting to be totally outdone by the kids, their fanny packs and crop tops spotted around every corner, we decided to rent a four-wheeler to cruise around and hung out at a few different beaches during the afternoons.  Albeit a very slow mode of transportation (my previous scooter-ownership not a suitable replacement for a motorcycle license apparently…), we had a blast exploring the small, steep island roads and got to see way more of the island as a result.  We “partied” over Prosecco and Coronas while continuing to log pages on our Kindles and enjoyed binging on Breaking Bad over dark chocolate pudding cups in the evenings (okay so maybe the pudding was just me…).IMG_2661

Despite our disappointment with the character arch of Walter White, we had a fabulous time. And to make it an even better ending, towards the end of the week, our luggage was somehow located and delivered to our Mykonos doorstep! It’s a modern-day miracle!  I’ve never been so happy to be writing to you with properly brushed hair and a matching outfit!

Outfitted with our “full” travel wardrobe, we are spending our last couple days in Istanbul and look forward to being back on American soil soon.  Until then, we are stuffing our faces with kebab and shopping for souvenirs.  Keep an eye out for our last travel post in the next few days!

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