Rainy Day British Blues…

Some days just don’t go your way. Today would be one of those days, but it gives you a chance to practice those patience skills. Mine need work; we all know Dan’s a saint.

So here’s the story…

After a relaxing morning, we hoped to check out a noon CrossFit class before making our way to oggle dem Crown Jewels. We found a gym that didn’t seem too far and in the general direction of our final goal (so we thought), but upon arrival, we realized 1) we might be in the ghetto….or it could be just an area similar to the dumpy part of Lakeview and 2) we forgot our converter for the hairdryer. Not allowing my (ahem, our) vain hair care needs get in the way of my (ahem, our) desire to keep things tight, we carried on.

We were optimistic when we arrived at a nice looking gym shortly thereafter. That is until we learned it would cost us £25 each to work out! Are you kidding me?! Well at this point there was no turning back so we reluctantly handed over our credit card; our receipt revealing that nasty conversion rate and a whopper bill of $80.73. I thought crossfitters were supposed to be nice?! Well at least we got a solid work out, a free shower, and hairdryer (at least that’s what I think it was even though it bared a striking resemblance to a wall vacuum).

Licking our wounds, but with pride intact (our anger made us compete well #thankyouatlascrossfit), we walked into the pouring rain to start our journey towards the tower. Funny side story, when we thought we were supposed to change trains, we quickly learned from a kind station attendant that the second leg was actually a water ferry (shown below); thanks a lot, Google maps! While a very slow means of transportation, and certainly not ideal in the rainy weather, we did get to catch a new view of London from the middle of the River Thames and I appreciated my opportunity to do my make-up (thanks a lot, Dan!) and fully dry my hair under the hand dryer on board; shocking, but that wall vacuum wasn’t super effective.

IMG_3400 IMG_3404 IMG_3407 IMG_3408

This journey’s end was a bit of a let down as we were told that we only had 45 minutes until the closing of the Tower of London exhibit, but it truly deserved 3 hours. Oops!! Oh well…

There’s always tomorrow…

We have decided to enjoy our unexpected break before dinner at a local coffee shop where Dan is trying his first latte (gasp!) and we are stealing the free wifi. Tonight I promised Dan we could try Indian food which is supposed to be amazing in the UK, so please pray I don’t have an Along Came Polly situation. Andrew’s coming along to try it for the first time too so we may be stopping by Burger King on our way home…

Before I give up on this downer of a post, I thought I would lighten the mood with these fun “facts” I have collected in London so far…don’t judge me, I am too busy judging them!

    1. Brits don’t have dogs. Haven’t seen one yet; not even a bull dog!
    2. The streets are very clean.
    3. All bathrooms are freezing! Maybe they’re trying to save on the heat costs, but it makes for an abbreviated sit. Don’t pretend I’m the only one who sits on public toilet seats after a cautious review of the porcelain…
    4. That rumor about bad teeth appears to be true.  This place would be an orthodontist’s paradise!
    5. We haven’t quite figured out this whole crossing the street with the opposite traffic thing…we have settled for a head-on-a-swivel-frogger-like-method that has kept us from being road kill so far.  I am pretty sure the Brits actually speed up at a pedestrian-heavy intersection to prove a point. We’ll get it eventually…
    6. Speaking of, they drive on the left, but walk on the right. Make up your minds people!
    7. Picking boogers seems to be socially acceptable.  Yesterday, one bold male host blatantly mined for gold while he was waiting to lead us to our table for dinner.  Appetite immediately lost.  Others have been spotted while helping bank customers or commuting to work.
    8. We witnessed one 13 year old boy choose to sit on his mother’s lap in lieu of the open seat next to her on the tube.  Dan has come to the grand sweeping conclusion that Brits must sit on their mother’s laps longer than we Americans would deem appropriate.

What have you noticed during your time in this great city??

p.s. I was just about to click “post” when the most adorable 8-year-old-looking boy just walked in to the coffee shop asked, “May I please have a cappuccino?” in the most perfect British accent, paid, and walked out with his cup in hand. If boys of his age can drink expensive coffee drinks and travel to Starbucks all on their own, they must not all require the comfort of their mothers’ laps. Touché!

(For information on the most perfect British accent, please watch the following: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/watch-adorable-moment-dad-gives-8300283)

One thought on “Rainy Day British Blues…

  1. katie3383 says:

    I love your list of obervations about the British, what always struck me was: 1) The sense of fashion always seemed to be dressed up. 2) How quiet they are on forms of public transportation and 3) that the ugliest women in Britain always work in the most authentic of the Fish & Chips shops.

    I hope your time in London gives you a chance to explore Notting Hill & Kensington. I love the homes and markets in those neighborhoods.

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