Spanish Style Beach Vacation

While we are certainly grateful that the timing of our trip spared us the majority of another infamous Chicago winter, one of the things that we have not gotten much of on this European adventure is sunshine. And when most of your daily transport is done on foot, even 50 degrees doesn’t cut it! So when holed up on yet another cold and rainy evening in France, it was easy to prioritize warm weather over other travel factors when booking future legs of our journey. As a result, we have inserted a little “vacation” in the midst of our trip and are spending just under two weeks in the Canary Islands, Spain off the northwest coast of Africa.

For only $254, we snagged flights from Lisbon>Tenerife>Prague and will pick up our tourist adventures in Central Europe in the middle of April. Until then, we are renting an apartment in a complex with a private pool and just steps from the beach for a nightly rate that is half of what our Chicago rent was before we left. One of the things that we have been realizing and relishing is how affordable long-term travel can be if you’re willing to be open-minded with your itinerary and willing to live like a local when you arrive at your destination. These two weeks, while looking the most like vacation, will actually be a couple of our cheapest yet! Dan, official trip CFO, is tracking all of our expenses, so if you’re interested in doing something similar, just let us know and we’d be glad to share tips of the trade!

We are staying on the biggest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, along the southwest shore in the beach area known as Playa de Las Americas, or what I’m calling Spanish Cancun. The main stretch is lined with cheap eats, identical souvenir shops, and other tourist traps galore. So while this part of the island mainly caters to the likes of spring breakers, thankfully our complex is a lovely, secluded set of apartments with a private pool, beach chairs, and plenty of other slow-paced vacationers (read: European retirees). With a desire to read and write (and my desperate need for a tan!), we’ve fallen into a shared routine with our neighbors of claiming our sun spots after a late breakfast and sitting lazily in the sun for most of the afternoon. We’ve even managed to squeeze in a few runs along the coast! With nothing to complain about except the European’s pension for sunning bare breasted (our neighbors included…yikes!), we have come upon Easter weekend with much gratitude for this respite in our busy travel schedule.

Missing our traditions from home, we chose to get up this morning with the sun and read the Easter story together in celebration of all that was done for us on the cross. I managed to prepare a stuffed pork tenderloin, albeit held closed with twine that used to be the handles of a small Zara shopping bag (girl’s gotta improvise!), and we were grateful for the technology that let us catch up with family back home.

For He is risen! He is risen, indeed.  Blessings to you and yours from the DeRoses this Easter.

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