To Swipe or Not To Swipe: Adventures in Online Dating

This past Sunday afternoon, my girlfriend and I met up at a local bar for an overdue catch-up and to witness my fantasy team sail to its third consecutive victory.  From my calculations, I am currently in the lead of the  2015-2016 Va Jay Jay Cutler league, but I can’t get too cocky! That killed me last year. So in between ciders and wings, the topic of dating and relationships became a hot topic of discussion; this is how guys watch football right?!

My friend in question just celebrated her thirtieth birthday.  She is beautiful, funny, smart, and I have to say, knows more about football than most ladies (and guys) I know; which from what I know about men, would definitely make her a hot commodity.  However, she is fed up with trying to meet anyone; especially online.  And I can’t blame her!

Now I know that I am married, and that automatically makes me not your favorite person to talk to about dating, but in the effort of solidarity, and since boyfriend weather is upon us, I thought I would regale you with a couple tales from my less-than-flattering time of being single and trying to find love online.  While this may or may not encourage you to invest in this dating method yourself, my hope is that you can at least find relief that if you’re currently dating or wanting to date, you’re not the only one who has a couple of bad stories to tell. Continue reading