The Land of My People

Okay guys, I have a confession: I am too prissy for hostels.

Or maybe just too old. But either way, I can’t handle it. I gave it my best shot. I convinced myself I was a cool hostel-staying, laid back traveler, but when Dan and I arrived in our 16-person bunk room in Dublin, and I was locking my belongings in a cage underneath our bunk bed after realizing that they too subscribed to the European’s neglect to honor the top sheet, I realized that I was in over my head. Curtis Why, an aspiring musician from Australia and self-named to provoke curiosity to audiences everywhere, kindly welcomed us to the room and regailed us on his recent travels. Another gentleman chose to just stare us down without saying hello. A woman named Yvonna, a resident at the hostel for over two months, shared she doesn’t lock her things up; to which Curtis informed us it’s all about the good energy you put out there.  And while we appreciated meeting new and interesting people, as I was imagining Mr. Beady Eyes (our wordless roommate) sleeping across the narrow aisle and staring me down in the middle of the night, I had a blaring moment of self awareness: I am just too prissy for hostels.

Needless to say, as Dan and I sat in the break room downstairs shortly thereafter, I shared my confession that I was dying inside and trying to talk myself into just making it to Berlin; our flights and Airbnb reservation recently secured for Sunday.  48 hours never seemed so far away…

Not long after, while I was busying myself catching up on social media (did you guys SEE that white and gold dress?!), my knight in shining armor, a man who knows just what I need at just the right time, presented his best idea since our engagement and shared that he had found a quaint hotel located in none other than the seaside town of Bray, Ireland.  A 45-minute journey by foot and train to the land of my people.  Or in other words, heaven on earth. IMG_1461

While not our most economical decision to abandon our post in Dublin (I’m hoping our credit card travel insurance people take pity on me…mental note to call them tomorrow!), I haven’t been this grateful for a warm (CLEAN) bed and a good meal in a long time.  Husband of the year award!  We are calling this our six month anniversary trip (since there is no February 30th) and enjoying every second.

IMG_1465 Bray is a lovely beach town just a bit south of Dublin on the eastern shores of Ireland.  It must be a coveted destination in warmer months as it has a number of small hotels along a pebble beach, a nice long walking path, a number of restaurants and stores, and even a small casino!  Also, it is home to some of the nicest people we have ever met (Dan’s words, not mine!) and made for a perfect getaway from city life.  Since we have spent the entirety of our trip thus far in bustling cities, the slower pace was a welcome change.

Our fabulous dinner at the Martello Inn. I didn't warn Dan I was snapping this shot!

Our fabulous dinner at the Martello Inn. I didn’t warn Dan I was snapping this shot!

We ate well (surprise, surprise), squeezed in our first Crossfit Open WOD at Crossfit Bray Beach, and even managed to stream the first couple episodes of House of Cards.  Kevin Spacey does it again! I would have expected nothing less, but Bray, Ireland, you’ve done me proud. Next stop…BERLIN!

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